Sunday 13 April 2014

Holiday snaps

I'm on holiday with the family so am allowing myself the luxury of posting loads of photos without attempting to compose a coherent narrative. Liberating. I should do it more often.
I stumbled across this juvenile Glaucous Gull on a late evening visit to St Ives on Friday having left the camera behind. Fortunately it was still there yesterday.
Initially hidden behind some rocks it was eventually tempted out by someone's thrown away chips
With a Herring Gull for comparison
We considered buying some more chips to bring it closer but this proved unnecessary
Quite a brute!
Showing some aggression
Turnstone, St Ives
I had to get young Rowan to herd these tame Turnstones into the right position
Earlier in the day a Fulmar cruised the cliffs at Godrevy
Male Linnet, Gothian Sands
OK it's not a Crag Martin, bit still nice to see a Sand Martin
Several were perched on the fence at Gothian Sands
Rock Pipit, Gothian Sands
This Dunlin was one of a small party in the surf at Marazion today
A single Sanderling was also at Marazion
Not just good birding in Cornwall. A fair bit of this going on too.

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