Thursday 22 December 2011

Sand with my chips

A meeting in Seaton, Devon, this morning provided an opportunity to return via Lyme Regis for a lunch-time bag of chips. I almost didn't bother looking over the seawall for the long-staying Spotted Sandpiper as the news had gone quiet, and even if present it was more likely than not to be on the distant end of the Cobb harbour wall. My level of confidence was such that I was unwilling to shell out for more than a 20 minute parking ticket. Grabbing the camera just in case I approached the seawall opposite the museum and was amazed to find it a few yards out on the rocks. A woman was enjoying a lunchtime fag nearby and although I was worried she might flush the bird it stayed put for a few photos. A 5-minute twitch, good pictures and a bag of chips - result!

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