Saturday 3 December 2011

Red legs, not yellow

There was plenty of time to think about things yesterday on the return journey from Northumberland to Dorset after not seeing a Greater Yellowlegs.

Like the vicious circle of negativity in 24 hour rolling news. At 0100 when I set off this morning, the World Service was reporting that 'stock markets had rallied in response to co-ordinated action by central banks to address the global financial crisis'. This was dangerously and unacceptably positive for the news people, so much so that by 1900 the story had become 'what did central banks see that scared them so much that they felt obliged to take co-ordinated action?'.
The cost of diesel was another matter to ponder. Let's be honest, it's not going to get any cheaper as we pass peak oil. So it was thoughtful of M&S to charge 149.9p a litre at their services to help condition us to a grim future of rising energy prices. This was not just any old rampant profiteering at the expense of heartbroken twitchers, this was M&S rampant profiteering at the expense of heartbroken twitchers.

As tiredness kicked in, several questions were running around in my head: why do I bother with this stupid, obsessive hobby. Why didn't I just stay at home and count the ducks on my local gravel pit. Can I get Monday off to try again for the Yellowlegs...

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