Saturday 24 May 2014

An oasis of sanity

I've got into the habit recently of visiting the patch on a Friday night. Not that much about lately but it's a very good way to draw a line under the craziness of the working week. And sometimes, I think, the only thing that stops me going completely loco. Last night there was definitely something to write home about though: a Turnstone, common as muck around much of the coast locally - they almost take chips out of your hand on nearby Poole Quay - but a bit of a mega at Swineham.
Turnstone: patch gold. Well, gold dust at least.
Here it is with the second best bird of the evening: Little Gull
The Little Gull was spending most of the time feeding on the flood.
Normally seen in flight distantly over the gravel pits, the Little Gull has spent a couple of evenings on the flood close to the path.
Presumably the same bird from earlier in the week looking a bit muddier.

This week's rain has topped up the flooded field near the path which was rapidly drying out, so looking promising for waders again. As well as the Turnstone, this Lapwing dropped in for the evening.

'You'll have to be quick to catch them' suggested a well-meaning passer-by. Fortunately, I am quick.

A screaming display from a flock of Swifts always lifts the spirits.

Some noisy, irritable juveniles with insatiable appetites around at the moment. So I leave home to get away from them and what do I bump into? 
Cuckoo: keep hearing but not seeing them recently at Swineham - so this sighting was welcome confirmation that I'm not going completely cuckoo myself.

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