Sunday 18 May 2014

Siesta time at Swineham

Swineham had a high summer feel to it this weekend, despite it only being the middle of May. The cacophony of singing Reed Warblers of recent weeks has calmed down a bit as they have paired up or moved on to try their luck elsewhere. Whilst mostly untroubled by good birds, today's visit was enlivened by a couple of Little Gulls, a selection of odonata and some other unidentified insects intent on draining me of blood. Perhaps it was the heat, or maybe I'm getting old, but by the time I got home I just wanted a siesta.

Living in Dorset, it's compulsory to go to the beach at least once every weekend, so I had to leave Swineham in good time to get down to Studland with the family this afternoon. I read recently that a survey said that going to the beach made 75% of people feel instantly more relaxed. I must be in the 25%. I'm just no good at sitting around waiting for a melanoma. As a result I spend my time building industrial scale sand installations which probably require planning permission under Purbeck's strict policies on such matters. Enough wittering, time for some pictures:
1st summer Little Gull at Swineham
I wondered precisely what they were catching in the air - this photo suggests damselflies
This Brown Argus in the car park at Studland made a visit to the beach almost worthwhile
I thought this was a female Beautiful Demoiselle at first but having checked the books I'm now thinking its the narrower-winged Banded Demoiselle.
This Little Egret has been frequenting a ditch by the footpath at Swineham for the last couple of weeks.
Male Reed Bunting still very much in evidence
Drake Teal still hanging around at Swineham this weekend despite most of its congeners having left some time ago. Surely conclusive proof that any Teal which remains in Britain until May (including Baikal) has simply got to be a wild bird? Or does that sound just a little needy?

Despite heavily baiting the garden I haven't been able to tempt in one of the Red Kites which have been seen recently over the Wareham area.

Hairy Dragonfly at Swineham

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  1. Hi Peter you should be visiting the Studland beaches during an October gale for seawatching. Then you can probably join the 25%. You were there when the cafes were open selling coffees, teas, cakes & ice creams. How come you think you chose a bad time :-)