Sunday 8 June 2014

How to get a bad back in 10 easy steps

1. Rise in wee small hours of the morning.
2. Leave home shortly after.
3. Drive to Norfolk, stopping only briefly for fuel and unhealthy snacks.
4. Load up with heavy optics. Bins, scope and camera as a minimum.
5. Yomp 2 miles up sea wall to see a Spectacled Warbler singing and setting up shop in the forlorn hope of attracting a passing female.
6. Return to car to find exhaust pipe swinging in the wind.
7. Pull muscles in the process of clambering under car to fashion a makeshift sling to stop it dragging on the road.
8. Limp to Brancaster garage to have day rescued by Mark the mechanic with a quick patch-welding job (cheers Mark).
9. Return home via heavily trafficked M25.
10. Follow up with a family camping trip.

Simple! In my next post: 10 things I hate about camping.


  1. Can't believe there are only 10 things you hate about camping

  2. 11. Marry and have kids (guaranteed bad back).

  3. How to get better back in one step: Get a posture right from lutaevono ;)