Sunday 22 June 2014

The energy crisis

No not that one, it's my own I'm talking about. Work is a bit manic; my social life is hectic by my anti-social standards; and the fine weather and (not-so-fine) hay-fever are all combining to make it all a bit, well, oppressive. I can barely summon up the energy to refresh these sunburnt pages. Just about managed to wave a white-hot lens in the general direction of some wildlife this weekend though, so perhaps I'll let the pictures do the talking.
This Buzzard made getting around look easy while I huffed and puffed and hid in the shade.
Willow Warbler at Morden Bog: a mixed singer, with bursts of Chiffchaff amid the normal song.
Keeled Skimmer, Morden Bog.
Four-spotted Chaser, Morden Bog.

Large Skipper, Morden Bog.
Silver-studded Blue, Morden Bog - many on the wing today.
Silver-studded Blue underside, Morden Bog.
A day at the beach yesterday was enlivened by a passing Mediterranean Gull, bringing its namesake climate with it.
Almost forgot about this one - Hooded Crow on Portland last weekend - an unexpected Dorset tick for high summer.
Broad-bodied Chase are also on the wing at the moment - this one at Swineham to which I was reminded I am particularly allergic at this time of year.

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