Thursday 26 June 2014

The World Cup of Birds

Hmm. A bit bored watching South Korea v Belgium? Or should that be the Korean Magpies v the Common Kestrels? Most countries have a national bird so try totting up how many of those represented in the 2014 World Cup have you seen from the list below. Clearly this pointless game gives a distinct advantage to wealthy globetrotters - a bit like the Premier League - so to even things up a bit, where the same bird has been chosen by different, unimaginative countries, you have to have seen it in the country it is the national bird for to count it more than once (the first one can be anywhere). Captive birds don't count. Algeria, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Cameroon, Ghana, Portugal and Switzerland don't have national birds apparently, so it's best out of 26.
Common Kestrel - go, Belgium!
Here goes then:

Argentina - Rufous Hornero
Australia - Emu
Belgium - Common Kestrel
Brazil - Rufous-bellied Thrush
Chile - Andean Condor
Colombia - Andean Condor (again)
Costa Rica - Clay-coloured Robin
Ivory Coast - White-cheeked Turaco
Croatia - Nightingale
Ecuador - Andean Condor (hat-trick!)
England - Robin
France - Gallic Rooster (will accept Red Junglefowl)
Germany - White-tailed Eagle
Greece - Little Owl
Holland - Spoonbill
Honduras - Scarlet Macaw
Iran - Nightingale (again)
Italy - Golden Eagle
Japan - Green Pheasant
Mexico - Northern Crested Caracara
Nigeria - Black-crowned Crane
Russia - Tundra Swan (will accept Bewick's)
South Korea - Korean Magpie
Spain - Short-toed Eagle
USA - Bald Eagle
Uruguay - Southern Lapwing

Your score:
12 or less: you didn't make it beyond the Group Stages. Get the first plane home with England.
12-16: the Round of 16 awaits. Unfortunately you drew Brazil.
16-20: not bad - quarter-finals, but beaten on penalties by the Dutch.
20-24: congratulations - you made the semis, but Suarez eats your goalbound shot in the last minute to deny you a win. Then you lose on penalties.
25: Runner-up: beaten by the Germans in the final. On penalties.
26: World Cup Winner! Well done, you. Now get a patch and stay home more.

I think I got just 12, all in the UK except 3 from my honeymoon in Costa Rica in 2002. Can I not sit next to Rooney please?

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  1. Hi Peter - 23 - Need Green Pheasant (anywhere), Nightingale (Iran) & Andean Condor (Colombia).

    If we get to penalty shootouts then I guess I could dubiously claim 24 as Iran could be the Nightingale anywhere country & I've seen it in Croatia :-)