Friday 15 April 2016

A wash up from north of the border

I've used up all the superlatives about Scottish landscapes and lochs in recent posts, so here are just a few photos to sweep up the remaining highlights of our Easter week on the west coast near Oban. 
Drake Eider in Oban Harbour
Female Eider, Oban Harbour
After a Golden Eagle-less day on the Ardnamurchan peninsula, the following day we saw one cruising over the coast road a few miles south of Oban. An emergency stop and fumble with the camera produced this photograph - I hoped it would circle, but as is often the way of the Golden Eagle, it pressed on purposefully
Raven frequented the point at Ardnamurchan
A pure-looking Rock Dove near Ardnamurchan Point, though I grant you it would have looked more convincing on a cliff face than a telegraph wire
The only Black Guillemot of the week which was still in winter plumage - photographed distantly from our cottage on the shore of Loch Creran
...and seen here passing a moulting Great Northern Diver like ships in the night. Not bad garden birds.
Eiders were also flying into the loch past the house in the morning and out again in the evening
Roe Deer near the cottage
Evening reflections and ripples on Loch Creran
Looking towards the head of Loch Creran from the cottage
View from the top of the Glencoe skilift - I was hoping for a Ptarmigan but to no avail
A direct approach to managing dog disturbance on Ardnamurchan. Probably a bit radical for the Dorset heaths.
A misty morning at Corran Ferry
Sunset looking towards Mull over Loch Creran

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